"Third Week" Youth Camp

For English speakers

(12-16 year olds)

The third week is a privaledge enjoyed by the older campers, a time to enjoy Neringa in a more relaxed atmosphere. This week we focus on personal development - spiritual growth, cultivating talents and building deeper bonds with one another. We go on various hikes, spend the evenings interpreting Lithuanian history through plays and songs and discuss questions of faith to further our understanding of our beliefs. Lithuanian language classes are also offered. Ofcourse, it wouldn't be camp without the camp fires, soccer games, dance-evenings, photography classes, nature walks and the occasional glance at the constallations in the night sky. And if all that wasn't enough to entice you, how would you like to learn to cook Lithuanian jelly, or cheese, or kuldūnai; or to craft a working instrument or some other fantastic work of art?

Neringa is waiting for you!

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